We are currently in a season of incubation, physically distancing yet holding space for social connection and sustained community. Our activities (as described below) are currently on hold until further notice, and will likely continue to evolve as time continues on.

Please feel free to express your interest in joining our Online Community

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Sincerely Survivor is a touring performing and visual art exhibition produced by Grace Dance Company and Inertial Frames, working in partnership with many other established stakeholders including Dax Centre Melbourne, SANE Australia, Transit Dance Studios, 

and Grampians disAbility Advocacy.

We create art, to enable our empathy; advocating for mental health through artistic practice.

We are currently incubating, finding beauty in the process, rather than performance.


Sincerely Survivor was founded to provide a platform where lived experiences of mental ill health can be articulated, harnessing the therapeutic power of art and peer support in the recovery journey. We collaborate with artists and survivors of mental ill health, complementing the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System, which seeks to provide opportunities for wider community conversations about mental health with a view towards ending stigma and discrimination. 

Our process engages arts-based research, a holistic alternative to more traditional research methods. As our work expands we are looking to engage with people and partners who may be able to help our mental health advocacy efforts go further, as well as outreach to new communities. You can find our online public portfolio of works and a link to our community fundraising page above, and a specially curated collection of photos for your viewing below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information, or to know more about our philanthropy partnership packages.

Sincerely Survivor

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